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The Bullet Cluster as Evidence against Dark Matter

4 Jan 2017, 04:54 UTC
The Bullet Cluster as Evidence against Dark Matter
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Once upon a time, at the far end of the universe, two galaxy clusters collided. Their head-on encounter tore apart the galaxies and left behind two reconfigured heaps of stars and gas, separating again and moving apart from each other, destiny unknown.Four billion years later, a curious group of water-based humanoid life-forms tries to make sense of the galaxies’ collision. They point their telescope at the clusters’ relics and admire its odd shape. They call it the “Bullet Cluster.” In the below image of the Bullet Cluster you see three types of data overlaid. First, there are the stars and galaxies in the optical regime. (Can you spot the two foreground objects?) Then there are the regions colored red which show the distribution of hot gas, inferred from X-ray measurements. And the blue-colored regions show the space-time curvature, inferred from gravitational lensing which deforms the shape of galaxies behind the cluster. The Bullet Cluster. [Img Src: APOD. Credits: NASA]The Bullet Cluster comes to play an important role in the humanoids’ understanding of the universe. Already a generation earlier, they had noticed that their explanation for the gravitational pull of matter did not match observations. The outer stars of many galaxies, ...

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