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Stellar Neophyte

What does the 'rare' black moon look like? Nothing!

30 Sep 2016, 04:30 UTC
What does the 'rare' black moon look like? Nothing!
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I've been seeing more and more articles about this 'rare' lunar event creeping into my newsfeed. The black moon! Rare black moon this Friday! A rare lunar event is happening tomorrow! What the heck is a black moon? Is it anything like a blue moon, a supermoon, or a strawberry moon? Let me explain...What does the rare black moon look like? Nothing!First of all, I'm not going to do what all the other black moon articles do, and I'll tell you the most important piece of information first - You can't see a black moon. No really, you can't see it, it's literally not going to be visible. A black moon is the 2nd new moon in the same month, and a new moon is not observable. For all intents and purposes it might as well be invisible. Don't worry about waiting up for the rare black moon to appear because it won't. Also, since the black moon occurs at 8:11pm ET on Friday, September 30, 2016 the moon and the sun will both be below the western horizon anyway (at least from my location here in Indiana).According to Stellarium, the black moon will be well below the horizon from ...

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