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Episode 9 – QuickLinks + Optical & Radio ‘Windows’

22 Aug 2016, 06:31 UTC
Episode 9 – QuickLinks + Optical & Radio ‘Windows’
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Quicklinks: tinyurl.com/etasker SciAm Blog Article on Proxima Centauri b written by our special guest Dr Elizabeth Tasker – Red Dwarf planet’s ‘habitability’ – a must read!

In Episode 9 we explain how some electromagnetic waves can penetrate earth’s atmosphere … and others can’t.
The radio window is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that the earth’s atmosphere lets through. The wavelengths in the radio window run from about one centimetre to about eleven-metre waves. The corresponding frequencies that get through the radio window run from about 30GHz down to 27Mhz

Image by NASA (original); SVG by Mysid. – Vectorized by User:Mysid in Inkscape, original NASA image from File:Atmospheric electromagnetic transmittance or opacity.jpg., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5577513

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