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Hildas As Cyclers

23 Jul 2016, 01:25 UTC
Hildas As Cyclers
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Hilda Asteroids - Red, Sun Jupiter Trojans - Blue, Main Belt - GreenThe above image was made from screen captures of Scott Manley's beautiful animation Asteroids In Resonance With Jupiter.Jupiter is the dot off to the left, the sun is the yellow dot in the middle. Within the Main Belt can be seen Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. I colored the different asteroids populations so we can tell them apart.The Sun Jupiter Trojans have a 1 to 1 resonance with Jupiter. They co-rotate with Jupiter. The leading Trojans remain in a neighborhood 60 degrees ahead of Jupiter and the trailing Trojans stay in a neighborhood 60 degrees behind.The Hildas have have 3 to 2 resonance with Jupiter meaning they circle the sun three times for every two Jupiter orbits. Jupiter's orbital period is about 12 years and the Hildas have 8 years periods.The Hilda orbits only look triangular in Manley's animation because they're being viewed in a rotating frame. You can see Jupiter remains on the left side of the image. In an inertial frame, a Hilda orbit is an ordinary elliptical orbit with aphelion passing through the Trojans and perihelion passing through the main belt.I envision the Hilda biomes ...

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