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Beyond Earthly Skies

Transiting Worlds Beyond the Snow Line

6 Jun 2016, 22:00 UTC
Transiting Worlds Beyond the Snow Line
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Figure 1: Artist's impression of an exoplanet.By visually inspecting the light curves of 7557 Kepler Objects of Interest (KOIs) to search for single transit events (STEs) caused by giant planets on long-period orbits, Uehara et al. (2016) present the detection of seven transiting planet candidates that are consistent with Neptune-sized to Jupiter-sized planets with orbital periods ranging from a few to ~20 years.These 7 planet candidates orbit their host stars beyond the snowline. The snowline is basically the distance from a star where temperatures in the protoplanetary disk start to become cold enough for volatiles such as water to condense into solid grains.Of the 7 KOIs in this study, 2 are host to compact multi-transiting planetary systems. This suggests that over 20 percent of compact multi-transiting planetary systems also host cool gaint planets with orbital periods exceeding 3 years. The 7 KOIs in this study are KOI-847, KOI-671, KOI-2525, KOI-1108, KOI-693, KOI-435 and KOI-1421.Figure 2: Artist's impression of an exoplanet.KOI-847 is a planetary system with a known Neptune-sized planet candidate whose orbital period is 80.9 days. Two STEs were found which indicate the presence of two Neptune-sized planet candidates whose orbital periods are ~840 days and ~930 days. Since the ...

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