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Fact checking Neil deGrasse Tyson

17 Jan 2016, 20:45 UTC
Fact checking Neil deGrasse Tyson
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"So Tyson made false accusations against Bush," his defenders protest, "So what? His science cred remains intact." Well, his science isn't always that great either. This blog post gives a few examples.Criticizing Tyson often gets a knee jerk reaction. I've been accused of being a rightwing climate denier who thinks the earth was made in 7 days. For the record -- I don't like Bush and have never voted for him. In my opinion we should work to reduce CO2 emissions as well as slow down our consumption of limited resources. I applaud Feynman style skepticism.It's not my politics that lead me to dislike Tyson. It's a distaste for sloppy pop scientists. Who needs cites? If a media celebrity says it's so, it must be true. I see Tyson as a manifestation of the Britney Spears zeitgeist we live in.Tyson's trailer for The MartianHermes' impossible trajectoryAbove is a link to Neil deGrasse Tyson's trailer for The Martian. At 1:15 of the vid, Tyson has the space ship Hermes departing from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). 124 days later he has Hermes arriving at Mars orbit (2:17 of the video).Hermes is propelled with low thrust ion engines. In the book when Hermes ...

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