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Deimos Tether

7 Jan 2016, 22:57 UTC
Deimos Tether
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This is a fourth in a series of blog posts looking at various tethers using Chris Wolfe's model.50 kilometer Deimos tether - minimum length to remain aloft.Mars-Deimos L1 and L2 are about 14 kilometers from Deimos' surface. Another 26.5 kilometer length extended past these points would balance. Extending the tether 50 kilometers either way along with a counterweight would provide enough tension for the elevators to stay aloft.Zylon taper ratio is 1. Tether to payload mass ratio: about .01. A ten kilogram tether could accommodate a thousand kilogram payload.BenefitsThere is no net acceleration at L1 and L2, so docking at ports at these locations would be like docking with the I.S.S.This first step could serve as a scaffolding additional tether infrastructure could be added onto.2942 kilometer lower Deimos tether - transfer to Phobos tetherGiven an ~1000 upper Phobos tether and a ~3000 lower Deimos tether, it is possible to move payloads between the two moons with almost no reaction mass. The tether points connected by the ellipse match the transfer ellipse's velocities. See my Upper Phobos Tether post.Zylon taper ratio: 1.01. Tether to payload mass ratio: .04. A one tonne tether could accommodate a twenty-five tonne payload.BenefitsThe idea of ion ...

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