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Lower Phobos Tether

24 Dec 2015, 18:15 UTC
Lower Phobos Tether
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A Phobos tether can be built in increments, it is useful in the early stages. So there's no pressing need to build a huge structure overnight. I will look at various stages of a Phobos tether, examining mass requirements and benefits each length confers. To model the tether I am using Wolfe's spreadsheet. I will use Zylon with a tensile strength at 580 megapascals and density of 1560 kilograms per cubic meter. Here is the version of the spreadsheet with Phobos data entered.7 kilometer lower Phobos tether - tether doesn't collapse but remains extendedAt a minimum, the lower Phobos tether must extend far enough past Mars-Phobos L1 that the Mars-ward newtons exceed the Phobos-ward newtons. This will maintain tension and keep the elevator from falling back to Phobos.I used Wolfe's spreadsheet to find location of tether foot where tether length Mars side of L1 balances tether length from Phobos to L1. That occurs when tether foot is about 6.6 kilometers from tether anchor:So going past that a ways will give a net Marsward force.At this stage tether to payload mass ratio is about .01. The tether length exerts negligible newtons compared to payload force. Therefore a payload descending the tether ...

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