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Q&A: Contrails vs. Chemtrails

30 Nov 2015, 07:01 UTC
Q&A: Contrails vs. Chemtrails
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Question: I’ve been hearing about these things called “chemtrails” and think I just saw one. I know what a contrail is, and how they form, but what I saw wasn’t the usual white color. It was a weird yellowish-orange color, so it must have had some strange chemicals in it. I read online that chemtrails could be a government plot to alter the climate, or to administer anything from vaccines to mind-control drugs. What do you know about chemtrails? — DT, Manhattan, NY
Answer: Well, I do know that chemtrails are one of many popular conspiracy theories. That’s why you’ll find so many websites devoted to the idea that chemtrails are a government plot. A Google search for “chemtrail” yields 1.9 million hits. And close to 20% of those websites are attempting to debunk the chemtrail conspiracy theory.
The first thing I need to address is your comment about how anything other than a white color means it’s a chemtrail instead of a contrail. I did a post about contrails on Jan 1, 2010. These were the white-colored streaks people normally see forming behind high-altitude jets. In that post I explained what causes contrails to form.
Look at the photograph ...

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