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Not All Clouds Have Silver Linings

16 Nov 2015, 07:01 UTC
Not All Clouds Have Silver Linings
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I’m sure you’ve heard that old adage “Every cloud has a silver lining.” — a metaphor implying good things often accompany bad things. Many clouds do indeed display silver linings. There’s a nice shot of one back in my Aug 1, 2010 post.
Today I bring you an image captured just last week. There was a lone cloud formed over Lake Pleasant (which is just on the other side of that mountain range). And that cloud shows a beautiful gold lining. If you read my post on silver linings, you know the color of the lining depends on where the Sun is relative to the cloud. At this point, the Sun hadn’t really set below the horizon. It was hidden behind that mountain at approximately the location of the yellow dot. There was still a lot of yellow-gold light in the air, and that’s where the beautiful gold lining came from.
Now take a look at the thumbnail below. It’s the same photo, but wide-angle and uncropped. You’ll see there’s another cloud to the north (right) that shows a distinctively red lining. Light from the Sun has to travel a greater distance through the atmosphere to reach that cloud, so ...

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