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Hope to resume space blogs soon.

30 Oct 2015, 16:42 UTC
Hope to resume space blogs soon.
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I'm not dead. I've been up to my ears in alligators lately -- with paying projects (thank God!).Hope to resume blogging soon. Some things I want to do:Tethers and elevatorsI'm eager to adapt Chris Wolfe's spreadsheet and examine a variety of tethers and elevators.A few scenarios I want to look at:EarthThere's a large population of dead sats in a graveyard orbit just above geosynch. These could act as a momentum bank for a vertical tether above geosynch.I also want to look at a low earth orbit rotovator. It will be tricky adding tidal stress to the rotovator's stress from centrifugal force, but I think I can tweak Wolfe's spreadsheet to do the job.MoonLunar elevator going from Mösting Crater through a balance point at EML1Lunar vertical tether from an anchor mass at 30,000 km altitudeMarsPhobos anchored vertical tether.Deimos anchored vertical tether.CeresClarke style elevators from Ceres. Using Chris' spreadsheet I will be able to look at elevators of various lengths. Down the road a Ceres beanstalk might even throw stuff to trans-earth orbits.VestaI want to examine Clarke style elevators from Vesta.Boundaries of our bodies/extended phenotypeAwhile ago I reviewed a James Patrick Kelly story where a large fraction of the populace dwells in ...

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