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The September 2015 Lunar Eclipse

19 Oct 2015, 07:01 UTC
The September 2015 Lunar Eclipse
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I wrote about the Sep 27/28 2015 Super Harvest Moon total eclipse back in my Sep 21 post, and of course was set up and ready to get a photo of the event hours ahead of time. Adding to the drama was a predicted moonrise (already well into the partial eclipse phase) directly over Gavilan Peak as seen from my east yard. The thumbnail below shows a screen capture from Cartes du Ciel (CDC), my digital planetarium app. The location and height of that mountain, along with equivalent data for all 360° of horizon surrounding me, was entered into CDC about a week before the eclipse. Click to enlarge.

Alas, it seems my horizon data was a little off. The predicted moonrise at 19:49 MST actually happened about 30 minutes earlier, and by the time I went out to start taking photos, the Moon was well above the mountain. It wasn’t the fault of CDC. That horizon data was measured using a surveyor’s transit many years ago, but from a different location than where I had my camera set up that evening. I assumed it would be close enough. I knew there was going to be some parallax shift ...

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