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Massive Brown Dwarf in Resonance with its Host Star

26 Aug 2015, 22:00 UTC
Massive Brown Dwarf in Resonance with its Host Star
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CoRoT is a space observatory which hunts for exoplanets by searching for dips in the brightness of stars when a planet happens to pass in front of its host star. Using data collected by CoRoT during its mission, Csizmadia et al. (2015) present the discovery of a massive brown dwarf that orbits a Sun-like star in a close-in orbit with a period of 5.82 days. The brown dwarf is identified as CoRoT-33b. Together with radial velocity measurements, CoRoT-33b is estimated to have 1.1 times the radius and 59 times the mass of Jupiter. The bulk density of CoRoT-33b is 55 g/cm³, several times the density of iron.Although giant planets and brown dwarfs are similar in size to Jupiter, their masses can range from roughly the same mass as Jupiter up to ~80 times the mass of Jupiter, the maximum mass for brown dwarfs. CoRoT-33b is a relatively rare object and it is in the so called brown dwarf desert. Brown dwarfs in close-in orbits around solar-type stars (i.e. FGK main sequence stars) appear to be ~10 times less common than giant planets in similar close-in orbits around solar-type stars. CoRoT-33b may be in a 2:3 resonance with its host star. ...

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