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Sun Pillar Sunset

3 Aug 2015, 07:01 UTC
Sun Pillar Sunset
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17:28 pm

17:34 pm

17:37 pm

17:37 pm zoomed

17:41 pm

This 5 slide sequence shows a sunset seen from New River, Arizona last December. In slide 3 (17:37 pm), you can see a “needle” of yellow light extending vertically from the western horizon. Slide 4 is a close-up of that apparition. This is what’s known as a sun pillar, a phenomenon I discussed in my March 1, 2007 post.

It’s not the best sun pillar I’ve seen, and it appeared only briefly, but it was accompanied by a beautiful sunset I thought was worth sharing. The evolution of the sunset is striking, as the cloud colors change from orange to red to dark blue. None of the images were enhanced. However, my Canon EOS 20D is more sensitive to the longer wavelengths.


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