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Colonization - where first?

7 Jun 2015, 00:23 UTC
Colonization - where first?
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This was one of the topics suggested by Doug Plata -- Colonization O Neillian vs lunar colony - Where first?Neither Is LikelyFor review I'll recap a discussion I've been through a number of times:Skeptic: Humans are adapted to life on earth's surface. Outer space is too hostile for humans to call home. Hop: Man's extended phenotype has enabled humans to live in places they're not adapted for. Without animal skins, shelters and fire, our ancestors couldn't have settled northern Europe. Skeptic: Well, sure. But outer space is a lot more hostile than northern Europe. Hop: And our extended phenotype is a lot more sophisticated than our prehistoric ancestors. Skeptic: The advanced extended phenotype that could enable humans to live off planet requires a massive infrastructure and population. Until such a massive infrastructure and population is established off world, the outpost will remain dependent on earth.And that's where Skeptic wins the argument. Space enthusiasts do indeed suffer from Home Depot Syndrome. Need grow-lights? Go to Home Depot. Solar array? Home Depot. Gaskets and seals? You get the idea. It's so convenient to get many diverse products that it's easy to forget they come from a vast mining, transportation and manufacturing infrastructure.To establish such an infrastructure ...

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