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Mercury Greatest Elongation

23 Feb 2015, 05:30 UTC
Mercury Greatest Elongation
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Mercury will reach greatest elongation on the morning of February 24th with maximum separation of 27 degrees from Sun as measured from earth. Mercury is difficult planet to spot and observe, as it stays very close to Sun most of the time. Best times are near elongation for spotting and observing the planet. This is because the angular separation between Sun and the planet Mercury will be large and we can see the planet away from Sun’s glare. Since it will be low in the horizon, just 27 degrees, better search for a place, where there is clear view of the eastern horizon not obstructed by buildings or trees. Early morning 6am will be good time to spot the planet as the planet would have reached an altitude of 14degrees. After elongation, the planet will start getting closer to Sun, meaning the angular separation between the planet and Sun keeps decreasing and towards end of March the planet will be lost in Sun’s glare again.

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