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Partial Solar Eclipse Today!

23 Oct 2014, 13:37 UTC
Partial Solar Eclipse Today!
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Tonight, right around sunset, there will be a partial eclipse of the sun, visible from most of North America. As the sun sets, skywatchers will get to see the moon gradually cover about half of the sun, before it disappears below the horizon.
A map of the viewing area shows that the best spot to see it will be all the way up in the Canadian arctic.
Solar eclipse visibility map – October 23rd, 2014 Credit: Science@NASA
If you don’t live in the Arctic circle, you can certainly see the eclipse in the South-West near the horizon as it sets. The moon will start to cover the sun around 5:45 EDT, and the event will last until sunset at 6:20pm (in Toronto).

What is a Solar Eclipse?
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is perfectly aligned between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon casts a shadow on the Earth, which is seen by Earthbound observers as a ‘darkening’ of the sun as the Moon covers it.
The sun and Moon are the same size in the sky, about the size of a Nickel (a Canadian 5 cent piece) held at arm’s length. This is because the ...

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