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Meet the PocketQube team: SunewnewSat

15 Aug 2014, 08:00 UTC
Meet the PocketQube team: SunewnewSat
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We have been talking to the some of the teams on the front line of the PocketQube revolution. This blog features Montaser Sallam of the SunewnewSat team, a 1p PocketQube project from Jordan in Middle East. SunewnewSat is currently in the design phase and will hopefully get a launch in the not too distant future. The satellite will carry an array of small sensors.

How did you hear about PocketQube?

After seeing Planetary Resources’ ARKYD kickstarter campaign, I got really excited and started looking for other space related projects, that’s when I found out about the awesome Wren PocketQube and eventually the PocketQube standard.

Tell us a bit about your PocketQube Project

SunewnewSat is the first Jordanian satellite project, it serves as an educational platform for me as a student and other university or high school students in the future. I am planning to keep things as simple as possible. Naturally, my primary focus will be on the radio and the EPS. A number of sensor readings will be downlinked to earth through different protocols. A simple satellite identification system will also be explored.


Why choose a PocketQube form factor?

A ...

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