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9 Payload ideas for your PocketQube Satellite

12 Aug 2014, 04:00 UTC
9 Payload ideas for your PocketQube Satellite
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What is a PocketQube?
PocketQube Satellites were originally proposed by Morehead State University professor Robert Twiggs. Prof Twiggs is the creator of the popular Cubesat form factor. PocketQubes are standardized 5cm cubes which can be stacked to create larger spacecraft. They are a relatively new concept, building on the large consumer electronics supply chain.

These tiny structures, which contain all the electronics, are the building blocks of any satellite. Larger satellites such as Cubesats also use off-the-shelf components, which help by reducing failure rates and the hassle of building custom parts.
What payloads have already been used on a PocketQube?
QubeScout S1: Fine Sun Sensor
QubeScout S1 was designed and built by the University of Maryland. It flew a test fine sunsensor developed in UMBC LACO lab and intended to determine the dynamic attitude of the QubeScout platform and monitor the change in rotation of QubeScout as a function of changing moment of inertia during solar panel/de-orbiter.

Link: http://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/qubescout-s1.htm
T-LogoQube: CZT Array
This pocketqube was designed and built by undergraduate students at Sonoma State University and Morehead State University. The approach taken on designing the subsystems bus for the pocketqube is to integrate a circuit with a Pic18F25K22 processor ...

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