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Daytime Occultation of Moon and Saturn August 4th

2 Aug 2014, 06:00 UTC
Daytime Occultation of Moon and Saturn August 4th
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Daytime occultation, second of this year will be of Moon Occulting Saturn. Earlier this year in February we saw Moon occulting Venus in the daytime, both Venus and Moon were easily visible because of their brightness. On August 4th, we will see Moon occulting Saturn in the daytime, but we will need telescope to see Saturn as the surrounding sky will be very bright. Stellarium generated image. The occultation will begin 2pm IST as seen from Bangalore, its always a good practice to start observing as early as possible. Saturn will disappear from dark side of the moon and emerge from the sunlit side at 2:40pm. Do not try to locate Saturn with the telescope if you are new to finding planets during daytime. As bright Sun will be very close, accidental viewing of Sun through the telescope will be disastrous to the eye. Here are the times and positions of the Planet for those who have setting circlesAugust 4th Occultation. Time Right Ascension Declination Altitude Azimuth 13:45 15:00:00 -14:44:27 14:36 109:18 14:00 Start 15:00:00 -14:44:27 18:00 110:27 14:40 End 15:00:00 -14:44:27 27:15 114:20 Deg:Mins:Secs Deg:Mins:Secs Deg:Mins:Secs Deg:Mins:Secs Its a matter of luck to have clear skies in this monsoon ...

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