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Meet the PocketQube team: BME-1

28 Jul 2014, 10:59 UTC
Meet the PocketQube team: BME-1
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We have been talking to the some of the teams on the front line of the PocketQube revolution. This blog features Andras Gschwindt of the BME-1 team, a 1p PocketQube project from Hungary in eastern Europe. BME-1 is currently in the build phase and will hopefully get a launch in the not too distant future. The satellite will carry a small spectrum analyser, the first PQ to fly such a device.BME-1 PocketQube Satellite_How did you hear about PocketQube? I have seen a report from Prof Bob Twiggs (Morehead State University)._ Tell us a bit about your PocketQube Project After the success of Masat-1 (a 1U Cubesat launched on Vega a few years ago) which is a technological experiment, we decided to go further looking for new challenges. To do a smaller satellite platform and to put on an experiment too. This led to the 1P sized PocketQube called BME-1. BME is the shorted form of the Technical University of Budapest (Budapesti Műszaki és). We have a new student group and they are working on BME-1 with a lot of interest._Masat-1: 1U Cubesat now in orbit_Where did the idea come from, what is the objective? It is an old idea of ...

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