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City Constellations

7 Jul 2014, 08:43 UTC
City Constellations
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It happens every time, we attend an astronomy talk or see an astronomy documentary and after finishing that when we come out, we always involuntarily look up at the night sky. We expect to see star-studded sky as seen in that talk or documentary, diamonds in the sky. Credit: ESOHowever, as it turns out due to high light pollution, this is what we end up getting in the city skies. Light pollution is increasingly taking stars away from us. There is no immediate solution for the light pollution issue although efforts are on around the world. Until then we have make use of what few stars we have under city conditions. I always advice new comers interested in night sky, to go and get familiarize with the constellation whenever they get time. Although sky may look disappointing at beginning with hand full of stars in the night sky, we can in fact make that work in our favour. It will be easy to start and recognise the basic pattern of the constellation when there are few stars. Once we have the basic shape with the help of bright stars, when we have dark skies, it will be easy to pick ...

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