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Kerbal Space Program

2 Jul 2014, 19:08 UTC
Kerbal Space Program
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Lately this blog has been getting some hits from the Kerbal Space Program forum.This looks like a good game. It seems based on the patched conics approach to orbital mechanics. It's good to see a popular game teaching users concepts like Hohmann or bi-elliptic transfers, sphere of influence, etc.The art is appealing. Descriptions are entertaining. I purchased a copy for $27.00. It might be a way to become acquainted with some folks who share my orbital mechanics hobby. Hope it's a good investment!Using the Kerbal Wiki I whomped up a HohmannKSP Spreadsheet. A few people like my spreadsheets for our solar system. Hopefully I'll be making some useful spreadsheets for this game.Usual disclaimers apply:My spreadsheets assume circular, coplanar orbits. Some of the game orbits are inclined and eccentric.I occasionally make mistakes -- data entry as well as arithmetic errors. I'd be grateful if users check my efforts.

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