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PocketQubes at Cubesat Workshop

4 May 2014, 18:31 UTC
PocketQubes at Cubesat Workshop
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We are just back from the Cubesat workshop which was held at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo. Being PocketQubers it was great to see so many talks about PocketQubes. Naturally Prof Bob Twiggs was talking about PQ's, giving a generic overview of what is happening in the field and what to look out for. From the T-LogoQube team Dr Jernigan and Kevin Jack both gave a presentation and a demo of their spacecraft. From GAUSS Team, Chantal talked about the Unisat-5 mission which carried the first 4 PocketQubes into orbit. On the final day, Walter Holemans of Planetary Systems presented a paper we helped co-write about using a CSD canister (Cubesat deployer with tabs) the carry up to 24 PocketQubes into orbit.
Link to Presentation Videos:
Session 1: Prof Bob Twiggs, Kevin Jack + Dr Jernigan
Session 2: Chantal from GAUSS
Session 6: Walter from Planetary Systems
Pictures from the Event

Prof Bob Twiggs of MSU, Cubesat & PocketQube Inventor

Model of T-Logoqube on display at the MSU Table

Kevin Jack of Sonoma talking about his satellite, T-LogoQube

Dr Jernigan talking T-LogoQube

Slide for Concept to dispense 24+ PocketQubes via CSD, presented by Walter by Planetary ...

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