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Deep Sky Colors - Astrophotography by Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Golden Trails

19 Apr 2014, 05:59 UTC
Golden Trails
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had been planning something like this since I did a successful test a
couple of months ago (also in San Francisco but at a different
location). Finally, I decided to go for it last night, but when I
arrived, the haze in the air was so horrible I almost turned back.
Still, I did a couple of tests and I could see stars in the photos, and
since I was also so comfortable at that setting, I decided to at least try.
As the night went by, the haze was getting worst, and at 1am I felt I
was so wasting my time that I packed and went home. Some post-processing
and I have to say that considering the conditions, I'm happy with the
results. You can sense the haze around the bridge (it was a lot worst
naked-eye) but I didn't want to force the contrast any more than that --
better get a bit of that murky feeling, since that's what was actually

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