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Total Lunar Eclipse

14 Apr 2014, 07:01 UTC
Total Lunar Eclipse
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Date: April 14-15, 2014 Time: totality from 7:07 UTC to 8:25 UTC Place: high overhead
Observers in most of North America and South America will be treated to a total lunar eclipse starting late tonight, and continuing into the early morning hours of tomorrow. A Full Moon will rise in the east around sunset, but the actual eclipse won’t happen until the Moon is nearly overhead around midnight.
Observers in other locations may be able to catch parts of this event. For a global map of the details, see this page from NASA’s website.
Because this event can be seen from so many parts of the world, it’s simpler to give the times in UTC. If your computer clock is set correctly, just use my Local & UTC page to convert to local time. Here’s the eclipse timing sequence:

4:54 UTC: Moon enters penumbra (the outer part of Earth’s shadow)
5:58 UTC: Moon enters umbra (the darker central part of Earth’s shadow)
7:46 UTC: Moon at mid-eclipse (will be at maximum dimming here)

As you can see, the various parts of this event are spread out over several hours. After mid-eclipse, the dimming sequence reverses. The show will be over ...

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