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M31 and PanSTARRS (C/2011 L4)

3 Apr 2013, 05:05 UTC
M31 and PanSTARRS (C/2011 L4)
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The image above shows Comet PanSTARRS (C/2011 L4) passing next to M31, the Andromeda galaxy - "next" from our vantage point, of course. In reality, they're more than a couple of million of light-years away.
The image is actually a composite of data from two different sessions. One session, the one that captured the entire field, including both the comet and the galaxy, is a two pane mosaic of only RGB data. This is the FOV presented in the image (well, the original is a bit bigger). In addition to that, I also used data from a previous session, at a time M31 is much easier to photograph (not so low in the horizon), which added a bit of punch to the entire field and much more manageable data for bringing out the details inM31.

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DATEApril 2nd, 2013

PHOTOExposure: RGB: 3x3' each filter, each pane (counting 4/2/2013 data only)Total: 54 minutes (4/2/2013 data only)Focal: 530mm, f/5

EQUIPMENTImaging Scope: FSQ 106 EDXCamera: Apogee Alta U16Guide Camera: ...

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