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Desert Skies Astrophotography

Dual Green Flashes at Sunset

31 Oct 2012, 00:33 UTC
Dual Green Flashes at Sunset
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While on vacation in southern California I decided to attempt to capture something off the beaten path. I set up my camera just before sunset each evening, trying to catch a green flash. I had no real expectations, and only took advantage of the timing each night because it just so happened to line up with beachfront activities and dinners with friends. Three evenings in a row I attempted with no success. On the fourth evening I shot video and still shots of sunset and caught something I would have never anticipated. As chance would have it I captured TWO green flashes in one sunset, within a fraction of an instant of each other. They lasted maybe a second or two, each. Below shows the sunset sequence out of the still shots, followed by a video clip of the sunset. The full frame shots can be blown up to 2048x1365 by clicking the images, or accessing them on my flickr site. Click Here to go to Flickr set The video clip on Youtube can be blown up to 1080P for full screen HD viewing. (You may note a couple of hesitations in the video at the green flashes - 25 ...

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