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New Mount, New Optics

29 May 2013, 01:37 UTC
New Mount, New Optics
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Despite the fact I'm literally moving in 1 day from now, I couldn't help but start to build my new AP rig. I managed to get a new mount and optical tube assembly to manifest right at the 11th hour. I snagged a CGEM DX mount and a C8 Carbon Fiber OTA with extras. Here's a few pics: For those of you who don't know what a CGEM DX is, it is a substantially enhanced CGEM mount which is a fantastic performer as well. The DX has the CGE Pro tripod which is made of 3" steel legs and weighs quite a bit. It's very stable. The motor head has regulated power and electronics enhancements as well as beefed up mechanical components. The counterweight shaft diameter is larger to handle the numerous 22 lb counterweights it is designed to carry. It's rated capacity increase is about 10 lbs over the regular CGEM but in reality, many astrophotographers are loading these things similar to the old CGE mount which was more than capable of carrying a C14 OTA for imaging purposes. With a Hypertune rebuild kit this mount would absolutely support a C14 for imaging purposes without any complaint. It may ...

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