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Desert Skies Astrophotography

Mixed results today

19 Jun 2013, 04:42 UTC
Mixed results today
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Today I received almost all of the remaining components to assemble my replacement imaging rig. I also upgraded my daughter, Aurora to a new Nexstar 5SE scope (pictures below). However, that's about where the positive news ended. The gear arrived just before Tornado sirens started sounding in our neighborhood. The Air Force base to the north also started to sound off. We had a tornado touch down just north of us and we rushed to the basement for shelter. In the process of dragging emergency supplies down the stairs, I fell and rolled my ankle, hard. Nothing broken that I can tell, but it's swollen, and certain I sprained it at minimum. Urgent Care in the morning just to confirm. That's not the worst of it. It seems the CGEM DX mount has a bad DEC axis motor, or is binding for unknown reasons. I didn't notice this when testing it out in New Mexico before moving so it's highly likely this was messed up in the moving process. I haven't been able to fire up the mount until tonight to identify this new development. So while we sat in the basement we set up the Nexstar 5SE. It worked ...

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