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Hypertune and Rebuild of my CGEM DX

9 Jul 2013, 23:53 UTC
Hypertune and Rebuild of my CGEM DX
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After my first light with the new gear I was bothered by some issues with the CGEM DX that I did not anticipate in a $2000 mount. There was significant play in the Declination axis. When the mount crossed the meridian the optical tube assembly would shift enough that the target object would be out of the field of view. There was also some binding that I couldn't fully resolve with the adjustment screws. The Right Ascension axis had slight stiction as well. While autoguiding, the mount had significant, yet random deviation in Declination. Oddly the autoguiding was relatively smooth in Right Ascension after the initial few corrections (settling). I spent hours tinkering with mount settings, balancing, and autoguiding parameters to determine the issues were indeed internal and would have to be resolved somehow.After much discussion with some experienced peers, and a conversation with Ed from www.deepspaceproducts.com/ I decided against sending the mount to Celestron support and would rebuild it myself. What pushed me this route was the fact that this mount had already once been sent to Celestron for troubleshooting. It can take a significant amount of turnaround time (upwards of months based on feedback from several people who ...

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