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time travel possibilities

21 Aug 2010, 12:14 UTC
time travel possibilities
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Time,being the fourth dimension of our universe,is interconnected with the space(three dimensions)in a way that it cannot exist without space, and space cannot exist without time. This kind of relationship between time and space is called the spacetime continuum, which means that any event that occurs in the universe has to involve both space and time. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, time gets slower as we approach the speed of the light,and apparently that means time travel is possible,but the problem is if any object tries to approach the speed of the light ,its mass gets increased (E=mC^2) for the apparent reason that we try to provide more and more energy to increase the objects speed and as E(energy) directly proportional to m(mass),mass gets increased and that reaches infinite as the object reaches the speed of the light,which is practically impossible.so we can't travel in time,this is what some our physicists say.Its possible.. they sayanyways,theories are never been agreed so easily,there is always an other side and this is how it goes:there are some physicists who believe traveling faster than light(FTL) is possible and they say..Quantum tunnelingQuantum Tunneling is the quantum mechanical effect that permits a particle to pass ...

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