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time travel possibilities in detail

23 Aug 2010, 05:40 UTC
time travel possibilities in detail
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Time is considered as fourth dimension with the other three dimensions being filled with space. Until now we all know how to travel in space. In the near future, it is more than a possibility that we can even travel in time. Time travel is no more a fantasy.three of the possibilities have been under consideration so far and im going to explain the first one herefirst possibility:Nothing in the world is so plain, lets take a snooker ball, if we can observe it more closely, we can notice wrinkles and holes on its surface. If we can go deeper and deeper down the smallest scale smaller than molecules,smaller than atoms we will land in to a place called quantum world. This is the place where worm holes appear at a size of around billion trillion trillionth of a cm. These infinitesimally small holes actually are gateways for our time travel.Scientists believe that these worm holes can be made to appear in large scale and if someone dares to dive into it, he might even travel back in time and reach a point in past. But lot of physicists been asking a question like if it happens that someone, lets ...

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