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Theory of relativity as basis for Black hole.

15 Sep 2010, 07:07 UTC
Theory of relativity as basis for Black hole.
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Einstein's Theory of relativity is definitely one of those few theories in the history of physics, that changed the way we see things. It revolutionized the cosmology in such a way that many physicists who are struggling in their respective lines of research produced some shockingly interesting results.Black holes is one such shocking yet interesting result....So, what is a black hole?Well, there are a lot of definitions, and in the simple possible way: A Black hole is a region in space-time with such an immense gravitational pull towards its center that even light cannot escape out of it.How is Einstein's 'Theory of relativity' responsible for its formation?Black hole is a subject where its formation is almost entirely based on theoretical evidences rather than physical evidences(strong). All these theoretical proofs are in fact been implied from the Theory of relativity.To get some idea about its formation and stuff, we must know the life cycle of a star as a prerequisite.A star takes birth when large amount of nearby gaseous particles(mostly hydrogen) attract towards each other and get squeezed.In this process of contraction, particles collide with each other to produce large quantities of heat energy. This heat in fact is responsible for ...

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