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What is a Quasar?

25 Nov 2010, 07:25 UTC
What is a Quasar?
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Do you ever wondered, whether all those things that twinkles in the sky are stars?well, twinkling is not just for stars. There are some far more interesting space objects that live under the mask of a star, and you can never distinguish them from stars unless your telescope is made to detect infrared radiation.Quasars, this is what they--good scientists :-)--named them as they are quasi-stellar radio sources.Quasar actually is a compact object like star rather than a expanded one like galaxy, surrounding a super massive black hole that lie at the center of a super massive galaxy. This super massive black hole in fact is responsible for all the power it is exhibiting.They are by far the most luminous, most powerful and most energetic objects in the universe.The energy they emit is in the range of about 1000 times that of the galaxies they inhabit in. They even show the heavy red shift (if a light source accelerates away from us, it appears more and more red) from earth, and that means they are moving faster away from earth and when combined with Hubble's law (galaxies tend to move away from each other with a velocity proportional to their distance) ...

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