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Meet the PocketQube team: $50sat

24 Feb 2014, 01:55 UTC
Meet the PocketQube team: $50sat
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We have been talking to the some of the teams on the front line of the PocketQube revolution. This blog features Stuart, Howie and Michael of the $50sat team, the first operational PocketQube project, cheapest satellite in history and one of the smallest as well. $50sat has currently been operational in orbit for over 90 days at the time of publishing.

How did you hear about PocketQube?Early in 2012 Professor Twiggs started a project to see if small functional satellites could be built and launched at low cost by schools and colleges. These were to be the first PocketQubes. The suggestion was to use a PICAXE processor as this was already quite popular in the education sector. I had done some projects with the PICAXE and the RFM22B transceiver, this was noticed and I got an email asking if I wanted to be involved. Never having built a satellite before, I said yes. Where did the idea come from, what is the objective?The idea for the PocketQube (PQ) came from Professor Twiggs. The main objective of our project was to see if a small satellite made from commercial off the shelf components (in other words not using any space hardened ...

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