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Meet the PocketQube team: ArduiQube

12 Mar 2014, 15:57 UTC
Meet the PocketQube team: ArduiQube
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We have been talking to the some of the teams on the front line of the PocketQube revolution. This blog features Gustavo of the Arduiqube team, a 1p PocketQube project as well as the first south american PQ and the first arduino based PocketQube.

How did you hear about PocketQube?I heard about pocketqube about two years ago, when I was compiling information about cubesat and tripped over the news of the development of a unit smaller than a cubesat, the pocketqube.Tell us a bit about your PocketQube ProjectThe ARDUIQUBE, or Arduino PocketQube, is a simple testbed that want to measure the vital and attitude parameters of a satellite.Where did the idea come from, what is the objective?Our project is mainly oriented for educational purposes. We want to be the Kitty Hawk or Ford T of the pocketqube. Made with simple elements, that any group of students can find and begin working without high costs. That's why we choose an ARDUINO processor. It's simple and popular around the world for students and hobbyists to get into electronics.What do you do outside building your PocketQube?I work in a science institute as electronic technician in the navigation office. This office ...

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