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Murphy's reply

9 Mar 2014, 02:46 UTC
Murphy's reply
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In general, Murphy's followers do not use math. Rather they appeal to Murphy's authority. I am making Mike Stasse and his friend Maponos the poster children for this fallacious argument.Is Murphy an authority? Does his PhD means he's qualified?I responded with The Most Common Delta V error. High school seniors typically mispatch conics the same way Murphy does. His level of expertise is somewhere below Orbital Mechanics 101 for liberal arts majors.Stasse passed this on to Tom Murphy himself. And got a reply! In the comments section Stasse quotes Murphy:I don't dispute the more careful approach used on hopsblog. I put pieces together very simply, which may not represent more clever ways to manage interplanetary trajectories. That said, I stated clearly what I was doing, so that it's an easy job to pick it apart. I'm fine with that. I hope I never appealed to my authority as an orbital mechanics expert, because I am not. Bold and underline added by me. Hear that, Stasse? By his own admission, Murphy's no expert. Perhaps Murphy hasn't appealed to his authority. But you and Maponos certainly have.The quote goes on:I just try to put scales on things and sort out roughly how ...

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