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Cartoon Delta V Map

15 Oct 2013, 17:49 UTC
Cartoon Delta V Map
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This is the second cartoon delta-v map I've drawn. Clicking on the above can give a larger version.My first cartoon map gave a lot more space to EML5 and little to L1 or L2. I knew of L4 and L5 through fiction like Gundam which was probably inspired by Gerard O'Neill's The High Frontier. Since then I've become less interested in L4 and L5 and more interested in L1 and L2. This new map reflects that shift in focus.I had heard of the Interplanetary Transport Network as well as Shane Ross, Martin Lo, and Edward Belbruno. But I knew almost nothing about the low delta V routes achieved with n-body mechanics. I had a vague notion that Lagrange points were involved but that was about it.Then in 2009 I came across a thread in Nasa Space Flight entitled An Alternative Lunar Architecture. In that thread Kirk Sorensen wrote at length about EML2 and work done by Robert Farquhar. Farquhar's 3 body work was done in the late 1960's and early 70's, decades before Ross, Belbruno and other modern advocates of 3-body mechanics.Here's one of the Farquhar graphics Sorensen posted to that thread:This is a 9 day route from LEO to ...

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