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Lunar Ice Vs NEO ice

28 Aug 2013, 16:47 UTC
Lunar Ice Vs NEO ice
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Lunar Poles Aren't So Hard to Reach"There might be ice in the lunar cold traps," moon haters like to say, "... but if there is, it's hard to reach. It takes way, WAY more delta V to reach the poles than the lower lunar latitudes."This meme is wrong. Unfortunately it's widespread. The first part of this post will debunk this false notion.I will describe a route from low earth orbit to the lunar north pole that takes 6.4 km/s and 6 days. It's by no means the only route or even the best route. But I'm using it because it's simple and easy to illustrate.Start in an equatorial low earth orbit at 300 kilometer altitude. Do a TLI (Trans Lunar Injection) burn to reach an apogee of 1 lunar distance (384,400 kilometers from earth's center). Time the apogee so it is on the moon's line of nodes shortly before the moon crosses the equatorial plane. The ship will enter the moon's sphere of influence south of the moon. I am calling the radius of the moon's sphere of influence 60,000 km.It pains me to make a cartoon illustration that is nowhere near correct scale. To atone for my sins the ...

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