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Rubik’s Cube Challenge: Did I do it?

1 Oct 2013, 17:57 UTC
Rubik’s Cube Challenge: Did I do it?
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The finale of the Rubik’s cube challenge was on Sunday, and yielded some interesting results.
To confirm, I did not look at an actual cube or picture of one between the start of the challenge last Wednesday, and the finale on Sunday. All I did was read the book on the cube solution. Before I reveal the results let me give you a rundown of what I had to do.
To make it work required memorizing a lot of steps, and learning the notation used by the book.
A simple cube
In the above picture, the top side (T) is yellow, the Front side (F) is Blue, and the Right (R) side is Red. Opposite the Top is the Bottom (B), opposite the Front is the Posterior (P), and opposite the Right is the Left (L). A (+) denotes a clockwise rotation, a (-) denotes a counterclockwise rotation, and a ’2′ denotes a half turn.
So a combination T- R+ T2 moves the top side 1/4 turn counterclockwise, then the right side 1/4 turn clockwise, then the top side 1/2 turn in either direction, since a half turn either way results in the same position.
The solution followed the basic ...

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