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The Starship Log

The Benefits of the Starship

7 Sep 2013, 23:03 UTC
The Benefits of the Starship
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We stand at the brink of a new century, laden with the history of the previous one behind us, ever a shadow cast, and ever effecting both the present and the future. That century was momentous in its achievements, for it is when people first took to the air, when atoms were smashed together in explosive powers of rain, where computers switched and breathe glowing lights, and artificial satellites disturbed the tranquillity of the Moon of ages, going “beep! beep! beep!” in the night. But that century was also marked by hardship and global conflicts, and it saw one group of humans treating another like animals in a concentration that was to be remembered by all the ages of men. These things, these events, of the twentieth century, represent both the best and the worst of the human character, and demonstrate our continued struggle to overcome the biggest obstacle to our growth – ourselves.
So we move into a new century and a new millennium and shout “this time things will be different”, but how can we be so sure. Humans are fickle and their character changes with the mood of the moment, driven by emotive passions and political postures…to ...

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