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Snapshots from the first day of the Starship Congress

15 Aug 2013, 19:52 UTC
Snapshots from the first day of the Starship Congress
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The Starship Congress, organised by Icarus Interstellar, is now underway in Dallas, Texas. Here are a few photos from the first session, taken by I4IS’ Kelvin Long.
Richard Obousy welcomes attendees to the Starship Congress
Icarus Interstellar’s President Richard Obousy welcomed everyone to Dallas, giving a brief preview of the upcoming four days and highlighting I4IS’ Alpha Centauri Prize, the first of which Icarus Interstellar are sponsoring.
Jim Benford gets the event started with a talk on sailships.
The first keynote speaker was Dr James Benford of Microwave Sciences Inc, and an I4IS consultant, who talked about sailships – starships that use giant sails, in this case using microwave beams to propel the sails.
Friedwardt Winterburg questioning one of the speakers.
Friedwardt Winterburg, who is giving a talk on relativistic interstellar flight on day two of the Starship Congress, questions a speaker. Audience participation at the end of each talk was high.
Rob Adams highlights the potential of 3D printing in space.
Rob Adams explored the possibility of using 3D printing in space to build or repair ships, or create food and medical supplies for astronauts, which will be valuable for deep space or interstellar flights.
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