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Pole star on Different Planets

1 Jul 2013, 10:46 UTC
Pole star on Different Planets
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We have all seen night after night, season after season that one star in the north seems fixed in the sky. This is because the axis of earth rotation passes in the same line and so the star appears stationary; we call this star, pole star or Polaris. This star is the main star of constellation of Ursa Minor with a magnitude of 2. From Bangalore it will be 13degrees in altitude, remember that altitude of the pole star depends on latitude of the place. Here is a chart of the Polaris. Now every planet rotates on its axis, so what will be the location of pole star for those planets in the solar system. Let’s begin with Mercury the closest to Sun, the location of pole star will be in constellation of Draco, the circle indicates the area where the Mercury pole star is located. Venus: We know that there is no way we can have an open sky to see the stars on Venus but based on the orbit orientation of the planet we can say that the pole star will be in the constellation of Draco. Here is the sky chart of the location for Venus pole ...

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