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The Philosophy of the Starship, May 29th 2013, Symposium

31 May 2013, 20:38 UTC
The Philosophy of the Starship, May 29th 2013, Symposium
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On Wednesday 29th May the Institute for Interstellar Studies hosted our first conference which took place at the Head Quarters of the London based British Interplanetary Society {http://www.bis-space.com/}. Chaired by I4IS Academy Director Rob Swinney, the one day meeting featured six presentations followed by a workshop session.
Rob Swinney introduces the Proceedings

First Rob Swinney gave an introduction to I4IS and briefly discussed our mission, vision and some of the activities we were currently undertaking related to our permanent founding. This includes the online newsletter Principium edited by Keith Cooper and produced by Adrian Mann. Rob discussed the Educational Academy, research projects and the enterprise arm of the substitute.
The first speaker of the day was Executive Director Kelvin F.Long who spoke about “The Invention of the Starship”. He talked about the approach adopted by the Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci and argued that because we today are designing Starships which use technologies perhaps decades to centuries ahead of our time, we too are students of the Masters legacy. Kelvin discussed the approach by human civilization to the solution of the Starship problem by bending, stretching and perturbing the Tziolkovsky rocket equation.
Next up was I4IS Researcher Stephen Ashworth who ...

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