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Fairwell fair Herschel

2 May 2013, 15:49 UTC
Fairwell fair Herschel
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The Hershel Observatory, an ESA telescope for which NASA helped build instruments and process data, has stopped making observations as it has finally run out of its liquid Helium coolant, as expected. This is a good time to remember the multitude of data that a space based telescope can churn out, and the incredible scientific advancement that comes from such missions.
The Herschel Observatory
On the heels of the NASA proposed budget, it reminds us how important scientific funding and advancement are, especially for countries that have a good standard of living. The high end technology that comes from developing missions like this often finds application in new Earth bound technologies that can drastically improve multiple fields, as well as standard of living across the globe.
The telescope, which launched four years ago, has found the universe’s ‘chilliest’ secrets by observing the frigid end of planet, star, and galaxy formation. Hershel was able to peer into dark and cold regions of the universe that are invisible to other telescopes, showing how NASA and ESA can work cooperatively tackle unsolved mysteries in Astronomy.
Confirmation that the liquid helium ran out came on April 29th, at the beginning of the daily communication ...

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