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The Great To-Do List Experiment

3 Jun 2013, 17:44 UTC
The Great To-Do List Experiment
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I am a ‘list’ kinda guy. I keep many chrome tabs open of articles and items I want to read, I have lists on sticky notes all around my room, and I have every little daily task I want to accomplish written down somewhere. However that ‘somewhere’ is often ‘somewhere I can’t find it when I need it.’

So in order to keep my lists organized and by extension my life, I am going to propose a great list experiment, where I’ll be trying out some web and app based productivity tools for a week or so. After I’m done testing I’ll review each one, and at the very end I’ll pick a winner to be my full time fave.
The contestants are:
1. Astrid – A favourite among techies, I’ve heard a lot of good things about astrid, though it was recently bought by Yahoo. This could make it better or worse, depending on what Yahoo intends to do with it.
2. Workflowy - It looks really easy and manageable. I liked the promo video and the minimalist look. Functionally it looks easy and powerful.
3. Remember the milk - It seems similar to other to do list apps ...

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