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Comet PANSTARRS(C/2011 L4) is Here

4 Mar 2013, 09:04 UTC
Comet PANSTARRS(C/2011 L4) is Here
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Comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) has given a good show in southern hemisphere and it’s now time for northern hemisphere to enjoy the show. On 5thMarch Comet will pass close to Earth at approx 1.1AU(1 AU = 149 597 871 km) and will reach perihelion(close to Sun in distance) on March 10th at a distance of .3AU(1 AU = 149 597 871 km). PANSTARRS(C/2011 L4) should be a good challenging object from 6th of March from Bangalore and becomes easier to spot as days pass. The comet will stay low in the western horizon after sunset, the altitude of the comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) will be 5degrees at 6:45pm on 5th march and on 12th of March the altitude will be 10degrees from the western horizon at 6:45pm. Due to the low altitude of the comet, it is better to plan the observation session in a place where there is no obstruction in the western horizon like trees or buildings. Here are few charts with the positions of the comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) after sunset. The charts are from 5th to 12th of March with altitude of the comet at 6:45pm. Chart of 5thMarch Comet PANSTARRS(C/2011 L4) altitude will be close ...

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