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Planets for the Month of September

6 Sep 2012, 08:18 UTC
Planets for the Month of September
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Morning Planets:Mercury:Mercury will reach superior conjunction on September 10th and it will towards the end of the month that Mercury will be placed well for observing.Jupiter:Jupiter is well placed for observations in the constellation of Taurus. The giant planet rises early at 11:45pm and has a magnitude of -2.4. Venus:Morning star Venus is well placed of observations through out the month. Venus rises at 3am in the constellation of Cancer shining at a magnitude of -4.2. The planet will just 2 degrees from M44 or beehive cluster as popularly known, on September 14th making it a fantastic view in binoculars. Seen through the telescope Venus will appear just more than half phase, moving towards gibbous phase as days go by.Evening Planets:Mars:Mars is in the evening twilight in the constellation of Libra. The red planet is at a magnitude of 1.2 and will set at 9:20pm.Saturn:Saturn is also placed low in the Western horizon, in the constellation of Virgo. The planet sets early at 8pm.Uranus:Uranus is well placed for observetion through out the month. Uranus rises early at 7pm giving full night for observations. This planet is visible through a pair of binoculars is at a magnitude of 5.7. Uranus will ...

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