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XCOR-Midland: Video, teleconference

9 Jul 2012, 20:11 UTC
XCOR-Midland: Video, teleconference
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Here's a brief video of the unveiling of a Lynx mockup at the XCOR-Midland event this morning:

XCOR and Midland reps answered questions during a telecon this afternoon. Didn't hear a lot that was new from what has been published. One point emphasized was that the goal is to separate R&D activities, production and operations. The main HQ and R&D will be at Midland. No decision yet on where production of Lynx vehicles (beyond the first few vehicles) will take place. Flight operations will continue at Mojave and also at other locations.

They will build and test the Lynx Mk. I at Mojave. The Mk. II testing will be at Midland. Development of an orbital system will be at Midland.

Twitter notes from the telecon:
/-- Twitter / Search - #XCOR
/-- Douglas Messier (spacecom) on Twitter
/-- NASA Watch (NASAWatch) on Twitter
/-- Jeff Foust (jeff_foust) on Twitter

Find some notes here from the earlier press conference: OdessaAmerican (OdessaAmerican) on Twitter

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